Director's statement


Director`s Statement

Подробности ключар софия тут.

After Slovenia became part of EU and entered Schengen, our nomadic life became quite complicated. I am Slovenian and my partner and cinematographer, Brand, is Macedonian. Brand needed a visa for every Country apart from his father’s home Cuba and the Balkan countries, with the exception of Slovenia. A visa application procedure was a long waiting queue in front of embassies, that could last for days. It was an endless struggle to be able to travel with my partner – even after Terra was born. But this never stopped us from traveling from one festival to another, finding shooting sets at some friends places. When Terra was two months old, she already had 14 stamps in her passport.

I have always wanted to make a film about our life through the borders, and observing my daughter and talking to her, gave me the key to make a film avoiding the Balkan frustrations – it would have been another fairy tale.

The family road movie triggers strong and deep political questions.

The characters we meet in the film are samples of the damages that borders can make to people. How can one express why are they needed and who are they protecting? As Terra says in the film, while making the map of Europe and learning about countries: “Borders exist because all the countries can’t be in one country”.

Terra with her compelling character, making her own conclusions, she  became one of the scriptwriters, as well as a narrator of MAMA EUROPA.