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Makedox world premier!Mama Europe as every clever and experienced woman stared her journey in summer from the south of Europe. At first she visited her daughter Macedonia and presented herself on MAKE DOX – creative documentary film festival in Skopje. Organisers welcomed her with  fig jam and incredible Macedonian wine.  Then she took a rest under the fig tree in Kursumli An, the incredible place where the festival was held in the Old Bazaar in Skopje. She opened herself and told her story on the screen situated between the walls, standing standing for many centuries, from the time of the Ottoman imperia. The walls that didn’t succeed to fall apart even during the catastrophic earthquake in Skopje.  The place buzzed with positive energy and all of that was replenished with the warm voice of mother Europe. Mama Europe didn’t leave her audience behind indifferent. After the projection, people had a lot of questions for her, such as: Why borders still exist? What else mother Europe expects of her daughter? Does she give her enough pocket money? Does she embrace her daughter Macedonia, what happened with her name?